Plain and Simple Mortage Advise 

When you are buying your first home or just adding to your growing property portfolio, the stress can be overwhelming and those grey hairs start to show, this is where Moneybox comes in.. Buying a property is a little bit like a wedding, planning is stressful and there isn’t much fun to be had. However, the wedding itself is always amazing and enjoyed by everyone (hopefully). Let our team get you straight to your property and we’ll take care of all the shenanigans. 

Work with our experienced team who will guide you to make smart, informed decisions that will help you avoid common pitfalls when buying a property. Whether you are buying, or wanting that new kitchen; our team at MoneyBox will endeavour to take all of the pain off your plate so that you can enjoy what should be an amazing experience.

Getting your foot on the ladder – First home buying

Moneybox will guide you on your journey, equip you with everything you need to know about purchasing and financing your first home. Advise you how best to arrange your initial deposit, and using any KiwiSaver funds. We will hold your hand throughout the process and take all the stressful and hard stuff off your plate. 


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Wouldn’t a new kitchen be nice? New loans

Are you wanting to finance a property, get that new kitchen you’ve been dreaming of or are borrowing for any other reason, our Moneybox team will help you find the interest rate, term and conditions that work for you. 

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Review, Review, Review

Each time your mortgage, or parts of your home loan, come up for renewal, you have the opportunity to review terms and interest rates. This doesn’t always mean changing to a new lender. Moneybox will talk to your bank and renegotiate on your behalf for a better deal. We can often access better rates than you simply because of our relationship with the bank and our buying power. 

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Fix it, Float it or both?

We work with lenders every day, it’s what we do.  We always know what the different banks are offering, any upcoming changes to interest rates might impact on you directly. Wanting to change lenders, we will make the process of refinancing simple and straight-forward. 

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Property Investing

Investing in property is one of the best ways to advance towards financial freedom and retirement. Our Moneybox team will look after all of your lending and insurance needs, whether you’re buying your first or your fifth investment property.

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Making it simple

Sometimes truly understanding mortgages or any type of lending can be like having to understand a new language. At Moneybox we make it easy for you to understand all the lingo so that you can make decisions confidently but more importantly ask those questions that you know will get you a straightforward answer.

We will sit down with you, to decipher the fixed and floating rates, understand the different impacts of various mortgage structures, understand how revolving credit or interest only will help you achieve your long term dreams. 

Having trouble with the real estate jargon? No worries, we will give you the tools needed to go into an auction and tender sales, right down to the signing of any documentation. 

We are with you every step of the way! Let us be your helping hand and get through the buying process as fast and as stress-free as possible. 

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Our team is your team

The team at Moneybox are independent mortgage brokers that have your best interest at hand! We work for you not the banks. Our team is the best at what they do, bringing you the in the now knowledge and advice so no matter what, if you are new to the property market or an experienced investor you get the best! 

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